The profit that mechanical precision brings

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On the tradition, manufacturer people depend on metric equipment and 3 coordinate are measured machine (CMM) the quality standard that physical attribute will come to maintain qualification. To CMM, the criterion with the most important precision is the tenacity of component material and structure and stability. But, recently, because use error map technology to compensate mechanical deviation in great quantities, because this centre of gravity has been transferred from these physical parameter. From 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time since, shirt-sleeve " fictitious precision " the progress of CMM had produced major effect to the user. At the beginning, error map is involved use at assisting machine tool reference axis the software of linear precision demarcate. Use this method, the software of CMM is measured feet carries the tension station that measure foot and try to adjust. Because can make the reading precision of the precision that measure foot and laser interferometer equal so, it raised the precision of CMM, do not lose its machinery quality at the same time. But come out in it hind before long, CMM manufacturer people begin to use error map technology to compensate mechanical error thoroughly quite. Such manufacturer people reduce cost with respect to the machine tool that can reduce greatly through designing precision. Error map still asks OEM undertakes comparative frequent interpose in order to maintain " the lock decides " the precision of the CMM image that tripartite cannot visit. Form taller blame determinism possibly so, bring inconvenience to the user. Company of Wenzel United States (be located in close hold city of the Wixom that bring a city) president Otto Geiseman says: "Newer image parameter asks to spend a lot of time in demarcate process respect, because it needs often,confirm other is relevant parameter. " in addition, what the demarcate before the CMM of a certain map may do not have user place to expect is so complete. Mr Geiseman says: "The amount of labor that needs as a result of map process is very big, because this classics regular meeting discovers odd image file and demarcate data,do not have associated phenomenon. " fall in certain circumstance accordingly, the time that has updating place needing to the CMM of a certain map may is right (mechanical aspect is mathematical) double of the time that CMM has demarcate. Wenzel uses a kind on traditional quality problem " contemporary " method. The company had rolled out a series of CMM, emphasized what with high accuracy machinery component regards error map as the system replacing pick way. Replace computer algorithm, these CMM use the structure that forms by the stable stuff that fits metric applying very much. For example to realize taller precision, CMM slideway passes accurate grinding, using the case that has monitoring from collimation appearance by engineering technology personnel next undertaking that the hand is moved abrade. Combine high accuracy bearing, with this kind of craft production gave very accurate machine tool. Mr Geiseman says, the commonly used stuff in the cell that is used at making map type CMM may be very not good. He says: "Nowadays, most CMM slideway is comprised by assorted material, among them aluminium holds great majority. Although aluminium has certain advantage really in production process, but it is a kind of weak data, very easy peristalsis and generation are out of shape. Possible to metric applying stability is not quite tall. " besides in weight respect stability not quite tall beyond, aluminous coefficient of expansion compares black lead want almost 4 times taller. Another main factor is CMM map blurred specific measure the mechanical parameter of machine. Mr Geiseman says: "In map process, although measure,gave primitive blame accuracy, but never come out to user report however. " as a result of nonexistent any administrations come the precision of the metric standard that approve designs and error map, because this is changing,the user after image is faced with tremendous blame determinism. These elements make people more ground view uses the tradition that more accurate hardware is designed and be based on is not software to measure way. Wenzel thinks, the machine tool of high accuracy still is to ensure the optimal method that measures quality. Mr Geiseman says: "Differ with map type CMM, the CMM with mechanical mathematical aspect can be concealed without any. The numeric tower above that the user has right understanding to a CMM has 0 compensation or compare OEM place to state 10, 20, the blame accuracy of 30 times. The numeric tower above that the user has right understanding to a CMM has 0 compensation or compare OEM place to state 10, 20, the blame accuracy of 30 times.. CNC Milling CNC Machining