Use odd blade milling cutter to undertake fast thick mill

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It is about 6 years ago, a-F-T (Ambergauer milling technology) after the company just founds before long, one got over there the client from them " fire department " beautiful praise byname. Can obtain such beauty praise, because the technical personnel of the company is right,be professional height is perfectness; 2 it is the constituent management as a result of company spirit profit and the treatment facility that own high modernization. A-F-T company deploys the machining center that has 3 Deckel-Maho company to use at 3 axes and 5 axes treatment: Two are the machining center that model is DMC 100 V Hi-dyn, another is the machining center that model is DMU 80 T. When machining a spare parts, the company made full use of the productivity of these machining center. the growing course that father Mr Dirk Gottschalk attends in business is the mechanic position that creates a company from the mould begins, through apprentice finish serving one's time subsequently exam and mechanic take an exam, experienced again be engaged in CAD/CAM process designing works and taking on the director of to program branch till the controller that holds the position of manufacturing branch. Such business is experienced, make he had necessary academic knowledge and taller practice technical ability. Make he can put forward to satisfy client requirement in shorter time thereby, compare economic solution again at the same time. Undertake with Gao Shuiping cooperation is machined " to old client, we can be their milling regularly to machine spare parts of a few reduplicative, " Mr Dirk Gottschalk machines a circumstance to say to appears one part. Because the enterprise wants to provide high quality work for the client inside shorter time, so the company cannot be pulled too much accept new job or do his utmost to strive for new client, the oral conduct propaganda that should rely on those to serve more satisfactory old client to the enterprise however will acquire new market. Although spare parts breed is various, want to coordinate treatment strategy for this, must want elaborately to undertake an analysis to producing flow, draft the high quality work that give the plan that offer money and provides a requirement inside cutty deadline according to this scheduling. When undertaking working arranging to implement a plan, even if is also should install platoon leader time to process work continuously in the late evening, undertake monitoring to machining a process. Using new method to raise material to excise what old client of quantity and workpiece surface quality often wants to machine is to be used at making transparent and plastic and other and plastic the cupping model of the box that pack. This offerred an opportunity for A-F-T company, can reorder from a 515 × the bigger aluminium of 285 × 40mm piece the outline that rough machining becomes a pattern. Besides larger material excision amount, the workpiece surface quality that asks especially also affects the economy of treatment. Because, shape to heat for, the plastic film that heats by infrared ray is those who deserve to go up in mould outline is stick below vacuum condition, and be not to allow those who give the knife mark that milling machines to duplicate on plastic film. To A-F-T company, the limits that its machine the task includes to stay apparently in the mould 0.

The rough machining of 3mm mental allowance and machine chamfer and exhaust passageway deepness want mill to rely on mould underside. The final outline of the fast face quality that the precision work that carries work finally will come to win a demand. First craft experiments, mr Dirk Gottschalk used a diameter to contain for 20mm 4 but the milling cutter of dislocation round razor blade, bit radius R=3.

5mm. Treatment experiments to undertake on DMC 100 V Hi-dyn machining center. Adoption cutting dosage: Rotate speed N=17000r/min and feed speed F=20400mm/min. The back penetration of a cutting tool of milling cutter measures Ap=0.

75mm, side penetration of a cutting tool measures Ae=17mm. In Z axis constant and changeless circumstance falls, the time of the surface on milling mould is 35 minutes, the time that Mr Dirk Gottschalk thinks this kind of treatment spends is too long. Nextpage blazing suggests can the proposal of a blazing that economic land increases material to excise a quantity, mr Michael Pastrick puts forward the craft adviser that is company of Paul Horn cutting tool, be sought advice from the support of Mr Andreas Nitschke with the sale by his colleague, responsible technology. Replace of milling cutter of face of 4 razor blade is the Chanren milling cutter that model is DSA, 16mm of milling cutter diameter. This is one of series of Horn company's well-known DS milling cutter is improved model milling cutter. Because be the geometrical appearance that in the light of treatment the mission decides material of hard alloy cutting tool, coating and razor blade, can believe firmly milling cutter of integral hard alloy, machining aluminium alloy, other especially nonferrous metal, plastic increase with fiber model plastic when, have taller durability and treatment precision. Make diametical 16mm and length 101mm by MG3K of hard alloy brand milling cutter of new integral hard alloy, this kind of milling cutter is in A-F-T company is installation in Diebold, collet (the product brand mark that Diebold is company of tool of Helmut Diebold Goldring, this company expands with producing knife handle, heat cold shrink type collet and high speed main shaft are celebrated, what the Diebold-Spannfutter that alludes here points to is heat bilges cold shrink type collet, interpret is noted) in, treatment has on DMC 100 V Hi-dyn machining center likewise. Because cutting tool improved the performance that discharge bits significantly, add man-hour to be able to use the back penetration of a cutting tool of Ap=8mm to measure, the penetration of a cutting tool that quantity of such penetration of a cutting tool should use than face milling cutter is measured full tower above 10 times. Should use side penetration of a cutting tool to measure Ae=12mm, horn cutting tool is in Z axis is constant and changeless with the time that tilts 5 minutes. The scale that with good impression to the person in handling time respect basic time is opposite 35 minutes 8 minutes (fall in case of similar cutting tool durability) showed a kind of concern, "Although deepness of bigger penetration of a cutting tool, treatment process is very smooth still, the dependability that this machines a process to new treatment strategy is very advantageous. " Dirk Gottschalk expresses. Although make one rough calculation to cutting tool charge, also can make the proprietor of an enterprise feels be convinced. Of 4 but the face milling cutter of dislocation razor blade, its charge is 200 euro full, each but dislocation razor blade is to cannot undertake weighing grinding, every knife film contract is 4 euro. Although dislocation of round razor blade 3, the fare state of affairs of generation still is advantageous to Chan Renxi knife. Of odd blade milling cutter purchase cost to be 138 euro, considering grind charge again, its the total cost of total cost and face milling cutter is roughly identical. If notice 8 minutes of scale to 35 minutes, its report uses cost rate to go up to machine tool hour, can bring about of course greatly apt Horn respect. And Mr Dirk Gottschalk saw another advantages again: "Series of DS milling cutter is by have geometry of all sorts of different razor blade appearance and (0.

2 ~ 16) the milling cutter of integral hard alloy of a variety of Mm diameters forms. For the much breed circumstance that this processes work to us, the product with this kind of older range chart has clear advantage undoubtedly. " because, the treatment limitation that milling expert exists gladly to cutting tool, clamping apparatus and machine tool has thorough research. Be opposite aluminium alloy and plastic treatment and the treatment to large mould, he realises odd blade milling cutter is existing to enlarge the potential faculty of scope of application. Mr Dirk Gottschalk in formulate these plan when, got the help of Mr Michael Pastrick. Because the high quality of Horn company product and treatment process are responsible, can score good gain jointly thereby, offer new possibility in the respect such as concerned time, quality and efficiency namely, also increased the competitive capacity of A-F-T company significantly from this. CNC Milling CNC Machining