Coromant Capto is modular knife handle system

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"Capto " it is word of a Latin, have " capture, catch " meaning. Full to overcoming coke by hill spy dimension (Sandvik Coromant) the Coromant Capto that the company develops (Capto of the following abbreviation) knife handle system, can define it with modular, versatility and repeatability. The contriver of Capto knife handle Mr Ken Anderson already overcame a company to retire from hill spy dimension, be engaged in shipbuilding working nowadays. The company was in Shanteweikekeleman to completed the research and development of prototype of first Capto knife handle 1989, be in the exhibition of Chicago international machine tool 1990 (IMTS) went up to exhibit first the complete sample of Capto knife handle. Since then, overcome coke full company and the sale of all sorts of license agency through hill spy dimension, capto knife handle won wide application, be in when the patent of this company expired to ask to stop with licence 2008, the ISO standard of system of the knife handle that be brought into (26623) . Passed ISO attestation, mean manufacturer to cannot sell the Capto knife handle that does not accord with standard standard. Kelisi Miersi of manager of company home business expresses Shanteweikekeleman, "After patent invalidation, we do not hope people produces the Capto knife handle with a few poorer quality, can create a few problems to the user that already using Capto knife handle in that way. All Capto knife handle that we hope to ensure anybody is produced can follow as same as its original product technology standard strictly. We urge the end of ISO attestation, ensure anybody cannot alter at will namely the design of Capto knife handle, and ISO attestation achieved this one goal. " Capto knife handle used as disparate as other knife handle 3 arris polygon. At the outset, its contriver installs De Sen to put forward, "Why modular does have to of knife handle system use a circle? I discover 3 arris polygon can provide wonderful stability. " the company says Shanteweikekeleman, polygonal awl handle can ensure automatic and radial centering, apply from the periphery of interface pressure, can be in the repeatability control of connection less than of 2 μ M. Polygonal awl handle need not use key and key seat, can deliver torque cutting tool from machine tool main shaft. Siweibai says Andrew of president of company of Swiss Rego-Fix cutting tool, "CAT knife handle or BT knife handle use key couplet fetch to deliver torque in connection flange place. And because Capto knife handle used polygonal awl power, won't cover in main shaft awl inside rotational, accordingly, of main shaft can deliver torque entirely action go up at the whole cone of Capto knife handle. " the knife handle of integral type Capto that Rego-Fix company production contains ER and system of PowRgrip bedspring collet. Rego-Fix AG president holds presiding apparitor concurrently Pitetesitele says, "To offer the most welcome Rego-Fix product to the compound treatment machine tool that contains Capto port, we are handpick products of these Capto knife handle. " besides have 3 arris side beyond, awl handle used this kind of hollow polygon 1 ∶ 20 (namely 1.

4) taper. "Use Capto knife handle is nonexistent the problem of a variety of type, " Tesitele says, "Knife handle of its unlike HSK has A in that way - a variety of type of T. " at present, have the Capto knife handle of a kind of type only, it has standards of 6 kinds of measurement: C3 (flange diameter 32mm) , C4 (40mm) , C5 (50mm) , C6 (63mm) , C8 (80mm) with C8x (the C8 of 100mm of diameter of a kind of flange is polygonal) ; A kind of new C10 standards (flange diameter 100mm, its polygon is more than C8) already appeared on the market on March 1, 2009. Because Capto knife handle has the fast function that change a knife,change a function quickly, accordingly it is applied on lathe at first. The company says Shanteweikekeleman, the rate changing a knife of Capto knife handle is rapidder than using the groovy cutting tool of means of eccentric shafe clamp 5 - 10 times. Buluntegefulei says the expert of tool system product of this company, "Need to turn with spanner 1/4 is encircled only, can clamp or loose cutting head. For example, when you make the knife is held outside machine, it is good to need to be less than 30 seconds time to be able to be changed only a knife begins cutting afresh. " the company points out Shanteweikekeleman, on market of tool of global turning center, groovy cutting tool owns the share of 87 % , change cutting tool quickly to own the rest the portion of 13 % , but its application is increasing ceaselessly. And use in the United States all sorts of in changing cutting tool quickly, capto knife handle and agree the share that the KM tool system of offer company owns 43 % each. But, capto connection system is not apply to turning treatment only. Shanteweikekeleman's Miersi points out, "The main reason that devises Capto knife handle is to should develop a kind to suit likewise turning, milling and get the tool system that cuts treatment. " 2000 around, when compound treatment (mill / the car is machined) when the application of the machine tool begins to become increasingly popular, capto knife handle begins to enter treatment field. Mi Ersi says, "The design of Capto knife handle compares its located period probably a little lead a bit, because machine tool of compound at that time treatment needs really,one kind is applied to likewise turning, milling and get the tool connection system that cuts treatment. " the main shaft of compound treatment machine tool adds man-hour in turning must locking reachs the designated position, rotating loosen when treatment. To these machine tools, capto knife handle is very useful. The explanation says Alanmile of manager of products plan of company of BIG Kaiser accurate tool, "The B axis of compound treatment machine tool -- it is milling head actually -- need tilts 45 ° , in order to approach work. Use Capto knife handle, we can be cutting tool installation on the central line of main shaft, the torque that produces so wants small much, main shaft also need not bear too big negative charge. Because bring to bear on in locking system (use at main shaft maintaining when turning dormant) the pressure that go up is reduced, can prolong main shaft life thereby. " thunder expresses Shanteweikekeleman's Ge Fu, "When adding up to treatment machine tool with Yu Fu, capto knife handle is very effective, because this is,rotate treatment and the union that the static state machines. " introduce according to Shanteweikekeleman, to compound treatment machine tool, capto knife handle owns the global market share of 40% about, compare to it, the market share of KM 35 knife handle is 35% , the BIG Plus knife handle of knife handle of HSK, BT and big clear and company of aircraft of essence of life adds up hold the market share of 25% . Mi Ersi estimates, in the compound treatment machine tool that sold 2008, about 50% used Capto knife handle, 25% use BIG Plus knife handle, 15% use HSK knife handle, 10% use KM knife handle. These market share are the compound treatment machine tool that shows those have interface of Capto main shaft, and the machine tool that makes part of Capto knife handle module chemical industry provide a system, these tool systems use as compositive as Capto basic knife handle. The taper that the coping of basic knife handle is a big taper (or use HSK to design) , bottom accepts the clamp district of antrum for Capto, final user assembles good cutting tool, make its outspread in knife handle through bolt of a center clamp. Reservation of basic knife handle need not get off on the machine tool, need to change only cutting tool can. Thunder explanation says Shanteweikekeleman's Ge Fu, "Now, basic knife handle is used on machining center when you when, you can accept the clip in antrum to hold the cutting tool of any types in Capto polygon. The bottom of basic knife handle has side of a fixed position, its diameter dimension and the diameter of fixed position face with the connect of its connection are identical. When you go to clamp of two kinds of tools one case, these two locate the face is contacted each other, realized surface contact thereby. " Miersi estimates, have 8 about, 000 belts rotate the machine tool of main shaft used Capto main shaft, on the lathe that still has more amount compositive Capto interface. He says, "I estimate an exacter amount very hard, have 100 thousand several probably this kind of machine tool. " the applied foreground that goes up in machining center in the applied Capto knife handle on machining center returns Nextpage very not clear. Although be occupied according to all computation of Shanteweikekeleman, what Capto knife handle uses in machining center is modular the global market share of 30% already was owned in cutting tool, but the machining center measure that adopts Capto main shaft is very few still. Ge Fu thunder says, "The job shops that has can be counted on one's fingers possibly only used Capto main shaft on his machining center. " ordering a machine tool that installed Capto main shaft is not main obstacle, but, to use Capto distinctive change knife clamp automatically groove (be located in flange to be in) , must change knife library and arm of the machinery that change a knife. Ge Fu thunder says, "The problem depends on machine tool manufacturer actually. If one day, they regard Capto main shaft as job shops one of necessary groovy option, they just can have motivation to configure Capto main shaft on all machining center that he produces. The job shops that provides Capto knife handle entirely will have the biggest treatment flexibility and best treatment economy, the cutting tool sort that because they can make,oneself use is changed the least. " this kind of treatment is flexible come from Capto interface, the cutting tool that it makes place of different treatment machine tool is used (even if the cutting tool that the workshop buys in different time and circumstance) have interchangeability. Those who use Capto tool system is modular characteristic, can put on correct cutting tool length according to the measure series of workpiece. Ge Fu thunder says, "I ever had seen the longest cutting tool assembles length is 660mm or 685mm probably, include to decrease among them brace up Capto tool inside. " nevertheless, below the situation that does not need to have compound treatment, final user is likely more the big taper knife handle of apt use standard, this kind of knife handle is OK undertake on traditional grinder grinding is machined. As contrary as this, to machine the polygonal cone of Capto knife handle, tool manufacturer must provide grinding machine of advanced CNC numerical control, and for accurate measure the treatment quality with knife handle of Capto of test and verify, still need to deploy 3 coordinate to measure machine. The Miller of BIG Kaiser points out, "Big taper knife handle is easier be produced by big batch of more tool manufacturer, accordingly, the choice leeway of big taper knife handle should be gotten greatly much. To a traditional vertical or horizontal machining center, change need to cost a large sum of expenditure with Capto knife handle. " in addition, as a result of the polygon of Capto knife handle and the complexity of 20 taper of 1 ∶ , undertake impossibly be weighinged in machine main shaft moving when need. Miller says, "Capto main shaft needs by completely taut, cover collet head as by reset. " Ge Fu thunder points out, "Ground of be practical and realistic says, on machining center, the cutting tool collet of first selection remains big taper collet probably. " but notable is, of knife handle of Capto of C10 measurement standards introduce, the machining center treatment that machines to including a large number of milling normally will have bigger appeal. Machine photograph comparing with the static state, milling treatment needs bigger torque and power, and the Capto knife handle of new standards is had brawnier with solidder polygonal petiole, and the length of joint surface contact of 100mm, can increase its to fight bending tigidity. "In the upright ministry of Capto knife handle, the taut force that action manages at connection will reach maximum. " the means of clamp of pneumatic Capto main shaft that pneumatic clamp orgnaization uses at rotating to machine is to use orgnaization of clamp of bedspring of a pneumatic, the orgnaization of bedspring of disk type of gasket of Bei Lewei Er that is not a standard undertakes clamp. Means of this kind of clamp can provide constant the largest clamping force and longer component service life, because do not have spare parts of meeting tatty machinery among them. It still can provide additional taut power, rise thereby fight bending tigidity, can realize better dynamic balancing in high speed treatment, because do not have athletic component among them. As the elapse of time, orgnaization of disk type bedspring can appear gradually fatigue phenomenon, its machinery intensity also can be reduced gradually. Shanteweikekeleman's Miersi says, "The pressure of bedspring gasket meets Beileweier to be lost gradually, this is us should develop this kind of distinctive pneumatic the reason of bedspring clamp orgnaization. " he points out, a client is inside 2 years of time, the compound treatment machine tool that measured to use Capto main shaft respectively and a clip of the machining center that uses CAT auger to spend main shaft hold power, result discovery, although use fixed number of year of two machine tools is same, but the clip of machining center holds force to lose serious, and the clip of compound machine tool holds force to keep changeless however. Although be in brand-new below condition, the clip that enrages those who move bedspring orgnaization to pull hammer or pull rod clip to hold force to also want to be more than HSK 100 or CAT 50 auger to spend orgnaization of bedspring of disk type of cutting tool collet holds power. According to Shanteweikekeleman the company says, the pull rod pressure of HSK 100 knife handle is about 16, 000N, CAT 50 knife handle is about 25, 000N, and the pressure of pull rod of C8 knife handle that uses pneumatic spring is 45, 000N. Mi Ersi says, "You can bring to bear on on polygon bigger clip holds power, and won't make its happen be out of shape; But if bring to bear on to HSK knife handle,bigger clip holds power, the mechanical intensity that its connection is in can't resist be out of shape pressure. " the Wei Bai of company of Rego-Fix cutting tool points out, capto knife handle repeats precision besides what have Gao Shuiping when the cutting tool that hold clip beyond, the complete flange surface contact of its and main shaft means the Z axis height that the tool assembles to also have extremely tall repeatability. His complement says, when in order to exceed 20, when the high speed of main shaft rotate speed of 000r/min is machined, of big taper main shaft accept antrum to use next meetings to produce minim to go up in centrifugal master piece big, in pulling knife handle greatly main shaft, make Z axis height produces change thereby. "Because Capto knife handle touchs main shaft, because this won't produce this kind of situation. Although BIG Plus and HSK knife handle also have this kind of advantage, but, capto is a kind of whole system, and BIG Plus and HSK are individual knife handle only. " the Tesitele of Rego-Fix company also agrees with this kind of view, he says, "We discover, capto system offerred the optimal port between main shaft and knife handle. From the point of the viewpoint of precision and function, capto system is very adjacent go up in main shaft front at holding blade of cutting tool cutting directly. Although Capto tool system is relative costlier, but as passed ISO attestation, its market has rate general to rise ceaselessly, will more tool manufacturer offer this kind of product, the price of Capto knife handle should be met drop stage by stage. " Wei Bai points out, more than 10 years ago, expire when the patent of ER tool system of Rego-Fix company, make open standard (DIN 6499) when, ever also had appeared this kind of circumstance. Shanteweikekeleman's Miersi says, in the past, a of Capto tool system important selling a site is can change quickly turning cutting tool. And now, the window of this system is to be able to be passed inside high pressure of implementation of cooling cutting tool is cooling, because cool inside nowadays,cutting tool and high-pressured refrigeration technique already became increasingly popular, apply this technology to be able to improve the control that cut bits, reduce cutting tool / workpiece interface temperature, lengthen cutting tool life and raise cutting rate. Capto tool system can carry spray head, high-pressured cooling fluid accurate, can accuse ground eject to arrive the proper place of bit cutting. Normally, when be machined on advanced numerical control lathe and machining center, the standard pressure of cooling fluid is 1, 300psi. Nozzle position need not be adjusted, because this eliminated the variable in machining a process, do not need handlers to determine the eject position of cooling fluid. Miller says, "Of Capto knife handle practical will help somewhat to final user for certain with competition ability. Nevertheless, because its appearance outline is quite complex to grinding treatment, some manufacturer should master this kind of technology correctly to need to be cost for a long time. To this I support cautious attitude. " although Capto knife handle whether infiltrate vertical / horizontal machining center (VMC/HMC) the market still remains to observe, but it is in milling / compound treatment applies turning mediumly to have a boundless future however. Tesitele points out, "It will become the standard configuration of compound treatment machine tool. "It will become the standard configuration of compound treatment machine tool.. CNC Milling CNC Machining