Batch of generation set of advanced level derv produces international

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Have the extensive demand of sophisticated technology and generation set of good quality derv to get used to home to be opposite, undertake tackling key problem on the base that plant of facility of Luoyang east Electromechanical has a level in domestic generation set, development gives the generation set of Oriental card derv that has outstanding property, this aircrew already achieved international advanced level, accord with the standard such as GB GB2820-90 and international ISO3046, and already batch production. Generation set of Oriental card derv uses former outfit of Sweden of world famous brand to import engine of Wo Erwo derv and entrance dynamo, have volume small, weight light, job smooth, noise is low with low exhaust emission, its excellent environmental protection performance, suit building of company of telegraphic, Internet, office to wait to ask in environmental protection slashing city is used inside the building particularly. Aircrew controlled a system to use the world's most advanced application technology in home first; Use German Xi Menzi but program controller and industry display feeling screen, the scene that deserves to have an import detects the control system of aircrew of yuan of composition of parts of an apparatus. Have much unit switch and the function of machine, all operations, show all show to in touching screen, be finished in industry, aircrew of remove theatrical makeup and costume operates operation instruction handbook, have much picture to show a variety of operation, breakdown call the police, breakdown case study displays a function, make maintenance technician can remove trouble quickly. Have long-range operation function, can make far INTERNET network is carried in the aircrew of a thousand li, unit moving state reflects Luoyang east the test center inside Electromechanical facility plant, have test and control to aircrew by the center. Authorization of company of VOLVOPENTA of Sweden of classics of plant of facility of Luoyang east Electromechanical, have the sole sale right that is in Chinese northwest area. Plant of facility of Luoyang east Electromechanical provides the derv generation set of high-powered, high quality not only, still provide all-around technical service for the user, include type selecting, configuration, computer room design, installation, debug, maintain, maintenance and fittings are supplied etc. CNC Milling CNC Machining