Machining center is commonly used instruction process designing

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A lot of statements that machining center often uses and numerical control machine tool are identical, here no longer auspicious narrate. A few statements that reflect machining center feature introduce only below: 1.

Accurate halt form of statement of G09 of desired result instruction: G09; Cutting tool arrives at the decelerate before terminus and essence of life just continues to carry out next block after fixed position truly, the part that can be used at having sharp edge is machined. 2.

Cutting tool deflection measures form of statement of set instruction G10: G10P_R_ ; P: The instruction slants buy order; R: Deflection quantity can install deflection of set cutting tool to measure through the program. 3.

Form of statement of G60 of instruction of only way fixed position: G60 X_Y_Z_ ; X, Y, Z realizes the terminal coordinate of exact location for need. Machine to the aperture that the requirement locates accurately, use this instruction to be able to make the machine tool realizes only way to locate, achieve thereby eliminate the machining error that causes because of backlash, orientation way and cross impulse by parameter set. 4.

Halt form of statement of G61 of statement of desired result fashion accurately: G61; This instruction is mode instruction, below G61 means, be equivalent to each paragraphs of program containing G09 statement. 5.

Form of statement of G64 of statement of successive cutting fashion: G64; This instruction is mode instruction, also be the acquiescent condition of the machine tool, after the terminus that cutting tool is moving to dictate not decelerate and continue to carry out next block, do not affect the fixed position in G00, G60, G09 or desired result, cancel should use G64 when G61 means. 6.

Return G27 of reference point instruction, G28, G29 automatically (1) return form of statement of G27 of instruction of reference point desired result: G27; X, Y, Z ties medium coordinate cost in workpiece coordinate for reference point, can examine whether can cutting tool locate on reference point. Below this instruction, the axis that is dictated returns reference point with sudden shift, automatic decelerate is in appoint coordinate value place to do fixed position to examine, if locate reference point, signal lamp of this axis reference point is bright; Be like abhorrent, criterion the program makes an inspection again. (2) return form of statement of G28 of reference point instruction automatically: G28 X_Y_Z_ ; X, Y, Z is value of intermediate dot coordinate, can install arbitrarily. The machine tool moves to be nodded to this first, return reference point after that. The dot is to prevent cutting tool to return among the setting athletic interference happens with workpiece or clamping apparatus when reference point. Exemple: N1 G90 X100.



0N2 G28 X400.


0; (intermediate dot is 400.

0, 500.

0) N3 G28 Z600.

0; (intermediate dot is 400.

0, 500.

0, 600.

0) (3) return G29 statement form automatically from reference point: G29 X_Y_Z_ ; X, Y, Z is returning a process for returned terminal coordinate in, the intermediate dot that cutting tool moves to decide to G28 place first from aleatoric position locates, move to terminus again next. G28 and G29 are used in couples commonly, also can use G28 and G00 in couples. Exemple: Pursue as follows, the cutting tool after treatment already located A(100, 170) dot, take B(200, 270) dot is intermediate dot, c(500, 100) nods the point that when be executive G29, should reach, the program is as follows: G91 G28 X100.


0;M06;G29 X300.


The application of 0; graph G28 and G29 CNC Milling CNC Machining