Development of southern valve company goes new-style water pump to dominate a powerful person or family

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What by Hunan development of Inc. of valve of south of individual plant continent and development have own intellectual property is muti_function water pump dominates a powerful person or family, not only fill home is blank, reach domestic banner level, and occurrence produce and sale the good the look of things of two flourishing. Muti_function a powerful person of water pump control is clever the pressure variation that uses the medium in water pump is started or stopping the conduit when machine undertakes controlling, implementation delay leaves, make sure water pump does not take load to start, eliminate water hammer. The water pump that the product applies to the pumping station such as municipal, factory, fire control, environmental protection extensively exports conduit to go up. Special apply to need to eliminate water hammer and system of automation pilot water supply. This kind of valve and congener valve photograph are compared, have delay to leave, delay is shut, eliminate water hammer and pump valve linkage effectively to execute open the characteristic that shut automatically, the fill on the structure in valve and control means home is blank. In last few years, inc. of valve of south of individual plant continent is muti_function a powerful person of water pump control is in countrywide congener product behead beginning to show ability or talent, company produce and sale appears to rise steadily trend, only 2004, implementation is sold 3500 many, achieve production value nearly 100 million yuan, the product sells the vast area that divides Tibet and Taiwan toward the whole nation. CNC Milling CNC Machining