Principle of work of facility of general and mechanical vavuum pump

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CG-17 glass 3 class high vacuum is oily diffuse pump GG - 17 glass coefficient of expansion is small, can be able to bear or endure better suffer very tall temperature difference to change, this pump compares reason with model pump can suffer have high temperature and service life is longer also. This pump applies to electronic industry, be like valve. Kinescope. X light is in charge of, and the smelt extract of semiconductor monocrystalline silicon, extract of low-test grease distill is detached, fluorescent lamp, the instrument of exhaust of vacuum flask high vacuum. Working principle takes the system to 10 ~ 2Pa to diffuse by rotational vavuum pump first pump oil is heated to boil, the point of bubble of ball of side arm bent housing that sheds to bring element of the gas inside the system pump ceaselessly from ejective oily vapour with high speed builds up, the working range that treats aeriform density to achieve mechanical vavuum pump and be taken out, obtain high vacuum gradually thereby.

Vavuum pump of water annulus type / vavuum pump of annulus of water of principle of job of fluid annulus vavuum pump (pump of abbreviation water annulus) it is a kind of rough vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum that it can obtain is 2000 ~ 4000Pa, ejector of series connection air can amount to 270~670Pa. Water annulus pump also can use as compressor, call compressor of water annulus type, it is the compressor that attributes low pressure, its pressure limits is 1 ~ meter pressure of 2 × 105Pa. Water annulus pump uses as at first suck water pump oneself, use at oil, chemical industry, mechanical, mine, light industrial, medicine and food to wait for a lot of industry departments gradually after that. In a lot of process that produce in industry, if pilot a ship into a harbour of vacuum filtraction, vacuum, vacuum sends makings, vacuum to evaporate, vacuum condenses, vacuum resurgence and vacuum take off gas to wait, water annulus pump receives wide application. Because vacuum applies saltant progress of the technology, water annulus pump obtains a respect to be taken seriously by people place all the time in thick vacuum. Because the gas in water annulus pump compresses be isotherm, reason can be smoked except the gas that explodes combustibly, easily, still can smoke in addition except contain dirt, hydrous gas, accordingly, water annulus pump applies increasingly grow in quantity. The job regards as fluid of right amount water in pump housing. When impeller rotates by the clockwise in the graph, water is cast to by impeller all around, because leave the action of mental efforts, water formed a decision at pump antrum appearance approximate at waiting for ply close cirque. The surface of bottom one's duty of water annulus is apropos as tangent as impeller hub, the surface inside the upside of water annulus just is contacted with blade top (actually blade has inside water annulus insert deepness) certainly. Right now impeller hub and water form space of form of a crescent moon between annulus, and this one space is become by impeller cent again and blade number is equal a certain number of little speech. If with the bottom of impeller 0 ° are start, so the cubage of little speech when before impeller is rotating 180 ° by small greaten, and the inspiratory opening that attends with end panel is interlinked, right now gas by inspiratory, when inspiratory cease little speech isolates with inspiratory mouth; When impeller continues to rotate, little speech by big decrescent, make gas is compressed; When little speech and vent are interlinked, gas by eduction pump outside. The place on put together is narrated, the change that water annulus pump is cubage of antrum relying on pump will come true inspiratory, compress and of exhaust, accordingly it belongs to transfiguration type vavuum pump. The working principle of collect Ci pump: Collect Ci pump is inside pump antrum, mutual vertically installation is in the rotor that has 2 "8" glyph to go up to parallel axis, drive each other retrorse synchronous whirligig than be a pair of gear of 1 by transmission. Between rotor, between rotor and pump case wall, keep the gap with certain hold, can realize high rotate speed to move. Because collect Ci pump is a kind of vavuum pump that shrinks without internal pressure, compression ratio is very normally low, reason is tall, medium pump of the class before vavuum pump needs. The ultimate vacuum of collect Ci pump is divided depend on pump itself structure and outside production precision, return the ultimate vacuum of pump of the class before depending on. To increase the ultimate pressure of pump, can use series connection of Luo Ci pump. The working principle of collect Ci pump and collect Ci air-blower are similar. Because rotate of rotor ceaselessly, the gas that be smoked from the mouth that take energy of life inspiratory arrive inside the dimensional V0 between rotor and pump case, again classics vent eduction. As a result of inspiratory hind V0 space is whole sealing condition, so, inside pump antrum gas was not compressed and expand. But had turned when rotor coping vent brim, when V0 space and exhaust side are interlinked, because intensity of pressure of exhaust side gas is higher, one part gas is returned in developing dimensional V0, go, make aeriform intensity of pressure abrupt heighten. When rotor continues to turn, outside aeriform eduction pump. Vavuum pump of type of blade of principle of job of blade type vavuum pump (abbreviation blade pump) it is vavuum pump of machinery of type of a kind of oil seal. Limits of its job intensity of pressure is 101325~1.

10-2(Pa) belongs to 33 × low vavuum pump. It can be used alone, also can regard other high vacuum as pump or ultrahigh vacuum pump before class pump. It already applied at the production such as metallurgy, mechanical, war industry, electron, chemical industry, light industrial, oil and medicine and scientific research branch widely. Blade pump can pump the dry gas in removing sealed recipient, if press down device with gas, still can smoke those who divide certain amount to be able to coagulate sexual gas. But it is unwell divide at smoking contain oxygen exorbitant, mordant to the metal, chemical reaction and the contain grain dust gas since oily to pump meeting. Blade pump is the basiccest vacuum in vacuum technique acquires one of facility. Blade pump is more medium or small pump. Blade pump has only course and dual class two kinds. Alleged dual class, it is in structural admiral series connection of pump of two only course rises. Make geminate form more commonly, spend in order to obtain taller vacuum. Of blade pump smoke fast set as follows with the relation of entrance intensity of pressure: 1333Pa is in entrance intensity of pressure, 1.

33Pa and 1.

10-1(Pa) issues 33 × , its must not smoke fast value respectively under the name of pump fast 95% , 50% with 20% . Blade pump is main wait for composition by lid of pump housing, rotor, blade, end, bedspring. Install a rotor prejudicially inside the antrum of blade pump, the surface inside the circle outside rotor and pump antrum is tangent (both has very small clearance) , contain inside rotor chamfer 2 blade that take spring. When rotating, the tension that relies on centrifugal force and bedspring makes the wall of blade top and pump antrum maintains a contact, rotor rotates drive wall of antrum of blade edge pump to slide. Two blade build antrum of rotor, pump and two end the space of space of crescent moon form that surrounds becomes part of A, B, C3, when rotor rotates by arrowhead direction, the volume of the dimensional A that is interlinked with inspiratory mouth increases gradually, be in inspiratory process. And the cubage of the dimensional C that is interlinked with vent narrows gradually, be in exhaust process. The volume of the dimensional B of be placed in the middle also is reduced gradually, be in reduce a process. Because the cubage of dimensional A is,increase gradually (expand namely) , aeriform intensity of pressure is reduced, the entrance of pump is in exterior gas intensity of pressure to be more than the intensity of pressure inside dimensional A, accordingly gas inspiratory. When dimensional A and inspiratory mouth are completely cut off, turn to the position of dimensional B namely, gas begins to be compressed, cubage narrows gradually, be interlinked with vent finally. Exceed exhaust intensity of pressure when gas be compressioned when, exhaust valve is compressed gas is pushed, gas crosses the oil reservoir platoon inside gasoline tank to come in atmosphere. By the successive movement of pump, achieve the goal of successive bleed. If the gas of eduction turns through be being enraged into another class () of low vacuum class, smoke by low vacuum class, compress back row to come via low vacuum class again in atmosphere, comprised dual class pump namely. At this moment total compression ratio comes by two class burden, increased ultimate pressure consequently. CNC Milling CNC Machining