CNC Milling and milling are machined

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1. Of CNC Milling choose a principle. According to be being machined the dimension of the spare parts chooses the CNC Milling of lifting platform type with lesser norms, its workbench width is more under 400mm, it is optimum in the outline milling task of the treatment of small part and complex form face. The milling machine of type of the door that be like dragon with older norms, workbench is in 500, 600mm above, with will solve large size the treatment need of complex part. . Already established the precision standard of CNC Milling according to machining the precision of the spare parts to ask to choose our country, among them milling machine of lifting platform of milling machine of numerical control vertical already had specialized standard. The standard stipulates its move point-blank the fixed position precision of coordinate is 0.

04/300mm, repeat fixed position precision for 0.

025mm, mill round essence 0.

035mm. Actually, the machine tool leaves factory precision all has the reserve amount that comparative, poorer than the allow of national level value is compressed about 20% the left and right sides. Accordingly, from the point of precision choice, general CNC Milling can satisfy the treatment need of most spare parts. To precision the requirement compares tall spare parts, should consider to choose nicety model CNC Milling. . According to machining the treatment of the spare parts the characteristic chooses to machining place it is casing form planar or differ high various chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, so choose a site---The CNC Milling of straight system if machine place,can be curved surface outline, should decide to select two coordinate linkage and the system of 3 coordinate linkage according to the geometrical appearance of curved surface. Also can machine a requirement according to the spare parts, on the foundation of general CNC Milling, increase numerical control dividing head or workbench of numerical control circumgyrate, the system of this opportunity bed is the numerical control system of 4 coordinate, can machine spare parts of helix chamfer, lamina to wait. . Choose according to the batch of the spare parts or other requirement to large quantities of quantities, the user can use special milling machine. If be medium small lot and be often periodic if repeating put into production, so using CNC Milling is very appropriate, it is OK to because multitask clamping apparatus, program gets ready in the first batch,wait memory rises repeat use. From long-term consideration, the milling machine with automation high rate replaces average milling machine, reducing the amount of labor of laborer to improve the climate of productivity is inevitable. 2. The CNC Milling with the general installation of CNC Milling is Electromechanical unifinication design, deliver goods from the manufactory user, it is overall ship, do not need disintegrate to pack. Because this user receives machine tool hind, the regulation that needs to press a manual only undertakes can. Note the following respects: . After bed of case erecting machine opens box, find random technology document according to packing a mark above all, the accessory of check the amount of case detailed list in pressing technical file, tool, spare parts. If the objective inside box and container load plan not agree with, answer to be contacted in time with the manufactory. Next, read a manual carefully, by the manual guidance undertakes installing the job. . Swing pursues according to the hoisting with medium manual, load piece or thick cloth are filled up in proper place, prevent wire rope to meet paint and treatment face. In swing process, answer to reduce the focus of the machine tool as far as possible. If, the electric chelonian of numerical control machine tool is detached, when electric ark coping has rings to offer swing commonly, use. . Adjust to CNC Milling, lead plane is overall shipment, before leaving factory, had adjusted, the user should notice in installation: The adjustment of oil pressure, adjustment that lubricates automatically and key examination prevent lifting platform to hang down to slip downward device is effective etc. Of CNC Milling debug with check and accept to general CNC Milling, lead plane is overall shipment, before leaving factory, already had adjusted. But the user still needs to notice the following before use: 1 . Of CNC Milling debug. The adjustment of oil pressure. Because the orgnaization such as pulling force of hydraulic pressure gearshift, hydraulic pressure needs appropriate pressure, after so the machine tool opens box, cleared and antirust used oil seal, namely to oil of the fill in oily pool, actuate oil pump adjusts oil pressure, be in commonly 1, the pressure of 2Pa can. . The adjustment that lubricates automatically   CNC Milling introduces automatic time ration mostly lubricant station offers oil, the check before driving looks up lube pump to whether press formulary time to start. The adjustment of these time undertakes by relay commonly. . Key examination prevents lifting platform to hang down to slip downward device whether action. Examination method is very simple, below the circumstance of machine tool electrify, the watch is secured in lathe bed, measure a head to point to workbench face with dial gauge, cut off the power workbench suddenly next, observe through dial gauge whether workbench side sinks, change is in 0. 01, 0. 02mm allows, glide the consistency that too much meeting affects batch to machine a spare parts. Right now, can adjust lock up oneself implement adjust. 2. Of CNC Milling check and accept to CNC Milling check and accept, the specialized standard that basically issues according to the country at present. Have ZBJ54014-88, ZBnJ54015-88 two kinds. Qualification of afore-mentioned two standards examination already were pressed inside the manufactory before the machine tool leaves factory, by the acceptance instruction that qualitative check branch signs and issue, user but according to the project in eligible manual, detect according to what this unit masters actually method, sampling observation or reinspect each precision entirely, if have unqualified project, can put forward bargaining to the manufactory. If reinspect data to accord with,leave factory the requirement of certificate of approval, can record record, after regarding as, consult. The use condition of CNC Milling and machining center photograph are compared, CNC Milling besides lack outside changing knife function and knife library automatically, other side all as similar as machining center, can undertake getting to workpiece, enlarge, bore with a reamer, huo, bore hole to wait with tap, but its still basically use pair of workpiece to undertake milling is machined. Content of general and following treatment often uses treatment of numerical control milling: . Inside the curvilinear outline on workpiece, appearance, be not the outline such as round curve and list curve by what mathematical expression gives out especially. . Give out the dimensional curve of mathematical model. . Form is complex, dimension is various, underline with the position with detect difficult. .

Add man-hour to observe hard with general milling machine, measure and control feed inside, outside groove. .

With the high accuracy aperture with harmonious dimension and face. .

Can be in one case in installation the simple surface that milling comes out or appearance. .

Use numerical control milling can twice improves productivity, reduce the common treatment content of physical labor greatly. And following treatment content is unfavorable use treatment of numerical control milling.

Need is occupied for long machine is artificial adjustment rough machining content. . The place with the inadequate or not quite stable mental allowance on semifinished product. . Must machine content by what special tool coordinates, be like embryo of master body, harmonious flat, model. . Simple rough machining face. . Want the place that machines with long and thin milling cutter, be like long and narrow deep chamfer or tall muscle board small turn accept circular arc position. The 1 of tool clamping apparatus of milling machine. Very complex clamping apparatus is not begged commonly in asking basically to be machined in numerical control milling, ask simple fixed position, clamp is OK only, the principle that its design is as same as clamping apparatus of general milling machine also, combine the characteristic that numerical control milling machines, here raises a few basic requirements: . Wait for treatment face to be exposed adequately to make sure workpiece is in what all need finish in this working procedure outer, clamping apparatus should do open open as far as possible, because the safe distance that keeps certain answers between clamp orgnaization component and treatment face, cell of requirement clamp orgnaization can be small at the same time low, interference happens in order to prevent clamping apparatus and sleeve of milling machine main shaft or broach shell, cutting tool in machining a process. . The installation azimuth to hold a part and department of machine tool coordinate and process designing coordinate fasten directional consistency, clamping apparatus should assure to realize directional installation on the machine tool, still ask harmonious spare parts locates certain coordinate maintains to contact between face and machine tool. . The tigidity of clamping apparatus and stability are close friends. Do not use the design that clamp dot changes in machining a process as far as possible, when clamp changes to nod in must machining a process, want special attention to because change to clamp is nodded and destroy the fixed position precision of clamping apparatus or workpiece,cannot change. 2. The milling of phyletic numerical control of commonly used clamping apparatus machines commonly used clamping apparatus to have the following kinds roughly: . All-purpose built up fixture. When suiting to small lot is produced or be developed in small, small-sized workpiece is in treatment of milling of CNC Milling aspirant travel. . Special milling clamping apparatus. This is special for some or the fixture that design of similar a few workpiece makes, be in commonly year of crop bigger or otherwise of the blame when development but when use. Its structure is fixed, use the specific process at a specific spare parts only, stress of design of this kind of clamping apparatus is begged simplify, make production time shortens as far as possible. . Multitask clamping apparatus. Can place many workpiece with fashionable dress, can reduce the number that change a knife, already facilitated one side is machined, assemble and unassemble at the same time workpiece, be helpful for shortening auxiliary time, improve productivity, the batch in suiting relatively is produced. . Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus. Suit the situation with bigger production lot, use other clamping apparatus to take a lot of work particularly again, painstaking work, can reduce a worker labor intensity and improve productivity, but structure of this kind of clamping apparatus is more complex, cost often very tall, and production cycle is longer. . General milling clamping apparatus. Have general and adjustable clamping apparatus, vice, dividing head and 3 claw chuck. 3. Of CNC Milling clamping apparatus choose a principle to be in when choosing clamping apparatus, efficiency of the production lot that needs to consider a product normally, production, quality assures to reach economy, when choosing, can consult following principle: . In output small or when development, answer to use all-purpose built up fixture extensively, use in built up fixture only inextricability 10 ability consider to use other clamping apparatus. . Small lot or produce group by group 10 can consider to use special fixture, but should as far as possible simple. . In production lot bigger can consider to use multitask clamping apparatus is moved compatibly, hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus. Milling machines milling of optimal cutting condition generally speaking, all belong to efficient treatment. Between end panel milling, uses cutting tool applies limits to have different figure and sort according to its. The cutting blade of cutting tool, as a result of the attrition of cutting process, heat quickly, quick when the idling refrigeration comes down, the requirement is very strict. Accordingly, requirement cutting tool has sex of caustic of impact resistance, wear-resisting and hear resistance. To be on cutting tool point of a knife alleviation is pounded, pour out of scrap easily, must study the appearance of point of a knife adequately. Choose razor blade of end panel milling before horn has two kinds: A kind of shoulder that is the treatment surface that nears 90 degrees with workpiece is cut form, one kind is right cutting tool wears away to be made the same score advantageously cut form. Use smooth cut form where a thing can be put to best use impact is little, cutting ply is small, in smooth cut in form, as a result of hind part is large, advantageous to caustic of cutting tool wear-resisting, but because axial produces component of force to answer,cause shake, often use the 45 part after spending so. The effective diameter of cutting tool chooses with what edge counts, inspect decide by treatment material. To achieve economy stable milling works, must choose proper cutting condition adequately. Mature each respect element. Wait for an element like the appearance of the tigidity that be mixed by the power of cutting material, hardness, machine tool, cutting tool. CNC Milling CNC Machining