F machine tool forgings in nicety the application in the mould

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Mu Ye company is accumulated through 70 old techniques, make the F that gave high speed high accuracy sharp edge fast series machining center, for the mould treatment client offers comprehensive solution. The F series machine tool that Japanese herd wild machine tool manufactures is used technically at high speed milling, have quite tall tigidity, the machine tool deployed power to be the main shaft of 20000r/min for 15kW, rotate speed, feed speed is as high as 20m/min. Machining technology forward the way that efficient, high accuracy, Gao Rou sex and green make develops. In machining technology, cutting treatment is the treatment method with the widest application. In recent years, as the rapid development of processing technique, what the market competes is intense with each passing day, the precision that the client machines to manufacturer mould, technology is sophisticated degree and the demand such as production cycle are higher and higher, and the treatment value of the mould is reduced because of market competition however, tall hardness preform is used in the industry the use of the new technology such as mould of direct mill treatment is more and more general. Direct cutting already made high speed the mainstream that cutting machines and direction of a of advanced production technology significant progress. Current, technology of high speed cutting is made in production of aerospace, mould and car wait for an industry to had won wide application, created enormous economic benefits. The mould is forginging the precision that forging affects directly in production and quality, those who assure a mould is in good condition and special necessary. Of the mould enlist in army the condition is very slashing, so production mould chooses better stuff and sophisticated treatment technology. The charge of the mould wants to hold modular forging cost normally 10% the left and right sides, the cost that should reduce modular forging enhances its market competition ability, important way is to improve mould service life. This is become already forging the objective that the industry pursues all the time. The treatment technological process of traditional gear mould is the rough machining that uses machining center to have a pattern mostly, and medium, finish machining uses electric spark technology, undertake the hand moves polishing finally. This needs very long handling time not only, and cost a lot of production cost even. For instance, machine mould of gear of a deep antrum, the material hardness HRC60 of the mould. EDM craft includes: Electrode of the rough machining that make (2h) , electrode of the finish machining that make (2h) , with EDM rough machining (5h) , with EDM finish machining (10h) , the hand moves Xiu Guang (3h) , the total time of need is 22h. Nicety forgings belong to category of technology of close clean figuration, have economic data, follow-up treatment capacity is little, can raise forging the advantage such as mechanical function. High end forgings gear mould requirement: (1) precision of gear mould antrum 0.


01mm; (2) mould material hardness is in HRC52 above; (3) positive drive precision reachs 6 level; (4) μ M of R Z<10 of exterior surface roughness; (5) mould life achieves 50 thousand above (mould life is in forge of domestic essence of life now 10 thousand or so, discharge treatment is controlled in 1000 5) . Processing technique difficulty: (1) the hardness of material is tall, the meeting in machining a process uses long way to compare big small cutting tool to undertake machining; (2) exterior surface roughness; (3) gear cutting precision, homocentric degree; (4) the circle of the precision level of level of design of the precision of gear cutting machine tool, clamping apparatus, cutting tool, cutting tool is jumpy control. Machine requirement and technical difficulty according to afore-mentioned moulds, should shorten the production of the mould is periodic, managing production cost, production production gives eligible forging, besides have excellent outside manufacturing a technology, more important is to even appropriate high speed machines a machine tool, should deploy agree with the knife clip of high speed hard mill and cutting tool and reasonable cutting parameter, that is to say machine tool, cutting tool and knife clip are production is important assure. Market level shows current treatment job, technology of high speed cutting already made the mainstream that mould cutting machines and the significant progress way of advanced production technology. Mu Ye company is accumulated through 70 old techniques, make the F that gave high speed high accuracy sharp edge fast series machining center, for the mould treatment client offers comprehensive solution. The F series machine tool that Japanese herd wild machine tool manufactures is used technically at high speed milling, have quite tall tigidity, the machine tool deployed power to be the main shaft of 20000r/min for 15kW, rotate speed, feed speed is as high as 20m/min. In Mu Ye's processing technique, advanced a kind of brand-new treatment idea, the FF that be called is machined. So called FF is machined, lubricate through discharging bits to cool namely, the heat in controlling treatment is out of shape, get high grade treatment face thereby. The fundamental that FF machines is the rise that controls temperature of cutting tool point, stabilize cutting bear, cut bits from cutting tool point flying ground eduction. The treatment of FF treatment applicable at aviation industry light alloy. Essentials region is weighed in what high speed of mould manufacturing industry machines, still can undertake cutting of strong voice high speed is machined. The F that applies Mu Ye sharp edge craft of FF of machine tool of treatment of fast high speed, its produce craft level to will rise greatly, make direct cutting turns into reality. Install the mould below clip to undertake be machininged integratedly to through FF craft, can reduce the exterior quality of handling time, improvement face and treatment precision considerably not only, and can simplify manufacturing technological process, shorten significantly thereby the production of the mould is periodic, reduce the manufacturing cost of the mould. Use high speed of craft of high speed FF to machine a mould, treatment of production electrode, electric spark and polish can be saved below most circumstance 3 working procedure, electric spark treatment was replaced in a lot of circumstances. In recent years, as a result of imperceptible cutting tool (at present the smallest diameter is 0.


The catalogue item that the hard alloy of 1mm establishs milling cutter to already included a few manufacturer) the application of development and imperceptible milling craft, this makes a few narrow seam an internal angle with dinky radius to be able to pass those who use small diameter completely to establish milling cutter to undertake machining, the applied limits that causes electric spark treatment narrows further. According to German Frauhofer manufacturing technology studies the place is right 2004 the investigation that tool and pattern company place have makes clear: Henceforth a few years, what high speed hard mill occupies portion to will grow 20% in the treatment craft in tool and mould, and electric spark treatment will decrease 12% . This shows, direct milling craft has made high speed the critical process that the mould machines. Herd is wild fast machine tool of F sharp edge uses tall rigid main shaft to design, unique cooling system, can make sure machine tool main shaft is stabilized for long below the circumstance of top rotate speed move. At the same time to adjust servo sum of errors inertial wait for performance of machine tool trends, herd is wild the servo of super geometry intelligence of fast machine tool of F sharp edge controls software, but lead makes an appointment with 150 program block, can maintain precision of cutting tool contrail when high speed machines curved surface thereby. These technical application forging in nicety in mould treatment, can have very close pick dot and tall feed speed in order to achieve first-rate cycle time. Be aimed at at afore-mentioned example, use Mu Ye F sharp edge mould of gear of treatment of machining center of fast high speed antrum, can install clip to be able to complete full treatment last time in a machine tool, need electric spark treatment no longer. Add man-hour to be able to realize unmanned guard, need not repair light by hand, with respect to the exterior surface roughness that can achieve high quality, finish treatment of a mould to need only 5.

5h. Forging to nicety the high speed of the mould is direct milling, because can acquire better exterior quality, very short handling time, shorter production technological process receives wider and wider application with inferior treatment charge. In high speed when direct milling mould, it is better to be achieve these results, should follow following principle: (1) of cutting tool dangerous extend should as far as possible short, and in clip of shrink type knife cutting tool knife handle is due and enough long clamp length; (2) should use suitable mill means, so that improve the life of cutting tool (at least 20% ) with the treatment surface quality with be obtained better; (3) establish the round jumpy error of milling cutter to answer as far as possible small; (4) should abandon wet treatment, use frigorific air to undertake blowing bits and cooling cutting tool as far as possible; (5) should according to the material of the mould qualitative, hardness and treatment condition choose appropriate cutting rate and feed career; (6) major material surplus should be excised as far as possible when thick mill, stay about for mill of essence of life namely 0.

The mental allowance of 05mm, discharge foreword of half energy milling machine operator to produce technological process in order to shorten. CNC Milling CNC Machining