The intelligence of general accuracy machine tool is changed transform

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Summary: Raise a function to transform a problem in the light of general accuracy machine tool, use sheet piece engine control step comes into electric machinery the numerical control method such as drive, undertake transforming designing to machine tool electrical system, make function of original machine tool in some way and functional respect have bigger rise, the treatment that can obtain machine tool of ordinary numerical control basically asks, satisfied manufacturing need. Keyword: The machine tool is transformed; Electric control; The prospect that technology of numerical control machine tool develops and target, it is to be able to realize the overall intelligence of equipment manufacturing industry to change, change by stand-alone intelligence to FMC, CIM, CIMS develops, improve treatment precision, efficiency, reduce production cost, create more wealth for the mankind. In realizing overall intelligence to change a course, the technical problem that need solves is unusually complex, want to solve the problem that replaces physical labor not only, should solve more replace mental work issue. It includes memory of net of craft, cutting tool, content shedding, couplet, information, control to wait. How to turn the handiwork that displaces a person and mental work with intelligence, it is the most crucial core question. The machine tool is transformed is the method that solves this problem effective. In numerical control the design that electrical system adopts in transforming uses up the oldest rate to improve the treatment precision of the machine tool and efficiency. 1.

The occurrence of the action intelligence machine tool of intelligent machine tool, for future equipment manufacturing industry realizes overall to produced automation to create a condition. Above all, through restraining vibration automatically, reduce heat to be out of shape, prevent interference, self-adjusting lubricating oil quantity, reduce noise to wait, can improve the treatment precision of the machine tool, efficiency. Next, for compositive to further progress production system, after level of automation of individual machine tool rises, can reduce the workload that the person is running machine tool side greatly. The person can have more energy and time to solve the complex problem beyond the machine tool, can develop intelligent machine tool and intelligent system further more. The 3rd, the development of numerical control system innovates, change to machine tool intelligence had extremely major effect. It can accept a large number of information, undertake storing to all sorts of information, analysis, processing, judgement, adjust, optimize, control. It still has main function, be like: Method of database of labour clamping apparatus, dialog process designing, cutting tool examines, situation of time of analysis of working procedure handling time, start working processes negative charge analyticly, actually navigation of surveillant, treatment, adjust, optimize, and adaptive control. 2.

Electrical system designs   2.

1System of SIEMENS 802C numerical control comprises   to control a system is by a kind of special computer, the control task such as output of operation of the interpolation that finish, data processing, input. After operation of system of numerical control of classics of CNC Machining program is handled, output department takes drive of control signal, main shaft to control signal and its switch condition to measure signal to wait. From its function and economy two respects consider this design to choose system of SIEMENS 802C numerical control, its function is all ready, after can making complete closed circuit, the position of half closed circuit controls a system. Numerical control system distributes system of economy numerical control and system of standard type numerical control, system of economy numerical control is to build in sheet piece on engine base, it is into electric machinery by the pace actuating device and pace enter electric machinery commonly, make the control system of positional open loop. System of standard type numerical control is to build go up in personal computer foundation, the function is all ready, the place that can make complete closed circuit, second half closed circuit controls a system. According to the real function requirement of general accuracy machine tool, this design uses hind system of a kind of numerical control. System of SIEMENS 802C numerical control controls 3 paces to enter axis of electric machinery feed and a main shaft, main shaft uses communication department to take electric machinery or frequency conversion electromotor, the numerical control that suits a machine tool particularly is changed transform. 2.

2 drive circuit designs design of   drive circuit, use pair of driver to be in three-phase undertakes 5 fractionize on the 6 bases that shoot (30 pat) , 10 fractionize (60 pat) . The step pitch part that the electromotor after fractionize runs will narrow corresponding multiple (it is like step pitch horn 0.

The electromotor of 75, the step pitch part that the electromotor after 10 fractionize runs is 0.

075) . The disappear after fractionize enters the low frequency oscillation of electromotor besides half step, the resolution that raised electromotor and moving character, as a result of the problem of workmanship, actually resolution is met a bit the precision under academic fractionize. 2.

If the graph is shown 1 times,gearshift of main shaft of transducer of   of design of circuit of control of gearshift of 3 transducer main shaft dominates circuit, m is AC motor, when the drive module of numerical control system, terminal 75A sends 0-10V imitate voltage with 15 place, it is the instruction voltage of transducer namely. When electric machinery needs to turning, the Q4 of PLC.

0 output tall n, KA1 sucks relay close, make frequency conversion terminal 27 with 31 between short receive, at the same time driver 75A end and one is outputted to get used to the imitate voltage at electromotor rotate speed between 15 end, main shaft rotates with be being contended for with the rate with imitate corresponding voltage. When main shaft electromotor needs to rotate reversely, the Q4 of PLC.

1 output tall n, KA2 sucks relay close, transducer terminal 28 with 31 short receive, main shaft electromotor inverts. When transducer overload, through its terminal 1, 2 generation signal comes the PLC of numerical control system, make feed stops and call the police. 2.

Face plate of operation of design of 4 operations face plate operates part of face plate and instruction of face plate of operation of numerical control system to comprise by the machine tool. 2.


Editorial office of 1 program operating sequence divides the requirement that basically goes up to edit key to implement different program each by operation face plate, the name that face plate bolts each and function express place to show as follows. 2.


2 machine tools operate   (1) report source control, those who include machine tool power supply connect, the operation of critical condition after indicator light shows. (2) main shaft is controlled, sex of carry of machine tool main shaft is controlled below hand condition, agree with quite the rough machining of the spare parts. Its rotate speed piles up a decision by the S in the program. (3) job status is controlled, choose the place of condition select switch, but the machine tool is in a hand to move respectively, the dot is moved, answer automatically 0, wait for condition, have corresponding operation. (Shift of 4) tool carrier controls tool carrier to be able to pass T instruction to pick a knife automatically, also can operate knife stand point to move pushbutton hand to use dislocation button, every are pressed, tool carrier has turned a knife. (5) starts control circularly. 3.

Conclusion is transformed to the course of general accuracy machine tool, can maintain some primary functions not only, and the consistency that can raise place to machine spare parts dimension, suit the rough machining of the spare parts quite. Because this design uses system of economy numerical control, fixed position precision of the system can be amounted to 0.

01 ~ 0.

02mm. In the design chose electrical system system of SIEMENS 802C numerical control, the function of the machine tool after considering to transform already needs to consider economic factor again. Through electrical system the design increases the treatment stability of original machine tool not only, and improve treatment efficiency. 4.

Last word machine tool will be on existing technology base, change directional development to information pilot intelligence by the automation of mechanical movement. Its develop speed and height to will depend on talent, scientific research, innovation, collaboration 4 person. The development of intelligent machine tool, it is in accept rice is changed, high speed is changed, compound change, 5 axes linkage changes a after waiting for tide new development, created more and advantageous condition to will consider to develop adaptive control, FMS, CIM, CIMS further henceforth, have to develop factory intelligence to change development in the future very big impact and stimulative action. CNC Milling CNC Machining