How to make the mental allowance of the spare parts decides when technology design?

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Where is the mental allowance that how decides a part when undertaking craft is designed? The method of affirmatory mental allowance has the following 3 kinds. (1) check a watch to amend law basis to produce practice and experiment research, already mixed semifinished product surplus the operation allowance data of all sorts of working procedure at manual. When affirmatory mental allowance, can obtain place to require data from inside manual, the real case that joins a factory next undertakes correction. The data in the attention answering to express when checking a watch is nominal to be worth, symmetrical surface (axial aperture) mental allowance is bilateral surplus, asymmetrical exterior mental allowance is unilateral. This kind of method applies at present the widest. (2) experience estimation technique this law is according to practice experience decides mental allowance. Be not worth to avoid mental allowance and produce waste product, the numerical value that often estimates always slants big, consequently this kind of method applies to sheet only, pre production. (3) analytic numeration is the test data with be mixed certain according to formula of mental allowance computation, determine a kind of method of mental allowance through computation. The mental allowance that uses this kind of method to decide contrasts economy reasonable, but must more comprehensive and reliable test data and advanced computational method Fangke undertake, reason applies at present less. When affirmatory mental allowance, total mental allowance and working procedure mental allowance want to decide respectively. The semifinished product of the size of total mental allowance and choice makes precision concern. When deciding working procedure mental allowance with the law that check a watch, the mental allowance of rough machining working procedure should not check a watch to decide, subtract with total mental allowance each operation allowance is gotten however, want to undertake an analysis to gotten rough machining operation allowance at the same time, if pass small, want to increase total mental allowance; Too big, answer to reduce total mental allowance appropriately, lest create waste. CNC Milling CNC Machining