The crucial technique that high speed processes

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1. The application that the theory that high speed machines supports technology of cutting of    high speed and development are theoretical foundation with mechanism of high speed cutting. Form force of mechanism, cutting, heat in metal cutting, cutting tool to wear away through cutting bits mediumly to high speed treatment, the research of the technology such as exterior quality, different material is aimed at when be being machined to develop high speed machine tool, high speed to machine cutting tool, high speed the craft parameter with right choice provided academic basis. The research of mechanism of high speed cutting has important place in high speed processing technique, but mechanism of high speed cutting and relevant theory had been not perfected far, accordingly, high speed treatment relies on high speed to machine academic research to higher rate progress. 2. Construction of machine tool of cutting of high speed of   of  of structure of machine tool of high speed cutting is reasonable the crucial factor that is cutting of implementation high speed. As a result of the drive of machine tool of ordinary numerical control and structure the design already cannot get used to the requirement of technology of high speed cutting, because cutting of this high speed machines a machine tool,must undertake brand-new design. Opposite at machine tool of ordinary numerical control, technology of high speed cutting raised a lot of new requirements to the machine tool, wraparound rise have the following:      (1) machine tool structure should have good static, dynamic character and hot condition character;      (2) main shaft unit can offer high rotate speed, high-power, big torque;      (3) feed unit can offer big feed;      (4) main shaft and feed unit can be offerred add high (decrease) speed. Be aimed at such requirement, high speed machines the structural design with brand-new machine tool to include content of the following respects:      (1) unit of high speed main shaft makes a technology. The main shaft of machine tool of high speed cutting is used inside structure of main shaft of the report that fit pattern or inside structure of main shaft of the report that bury type. The top rotate speed of the main shaft system of traditional leather belt and positive drive does not exceed 15000r/min, because intermediate link is much, transmission error and moment of inertia are big, cannot achieve high speed to machine the speed of a requirement and acceleration, at the same time the existence as a result of side direction clearance, cause follow error of outline of sum of errors. Use structure of electric main shaft to be able to realize drive of 0 drive catenary, it has a structure compact, quality is small, inertial small, answer speed fast, can avoid the characteristic such as vibration and noise. The crucial technology that unit of high speed main shaft makes technical place involve has the research of material of high speed main shaft, structure, bearing, character of trends of system of high speed main shaft and hot condition character study, flexible what the flexibility of main shaft and its bearing supports technical research and system of high speed main shaft is lubricant consider to wait with cooling technology. (2) system of feed of high speed treatment makes a technology. System of feed of high speed treatment is the main component of machine tool of high speed treatment, ask feed system can achieve very high rate not only, and because want to achieve high speed, instantaneous to stop definitely in instantaneous,wait, still ask to have add greatly decrease speed and tall fixed position precision. Technology of unit of high speed feed includes the technology of feed servo drive, scroll component technology, unit that monitor technology and dustproof, prevent bits, fall noise and refrigeration are lubricant etc. Involves crucial technology has the development of chip of annulus of high speed position, high speed nicety communicates the research of servo and electric machinery, the research of the design of linear servo electric machinery and application, add decelerate to dominate technical research, of system of high speed feed optimize design technology, guide screw of ball of high speed nicety deputy reach guide screw of big lead ball to be developed deputily, high accuracy slideway and new-style slideway attrition consider deputily to wait. (3) high speed machine tool props up production technology. The structure of machine tool of high speed cutting should ensure the fast and mobile ability of the machine tool, carrying capacity, tall tigidity, thermal stability, impact resistance is mixed fight brace up quality. Be like,high speed machines a machine tool to prop up production technology is the component propping up that shows high speed machines a machine tool lathe bed, pillar, casing, workbench, base, procrastinate board the production technology that waits with tool carrier. The crucial technology that it involves basically has the component propping up of new-style material and structure to design production technology, fast cutting tool is exchanged automatically and clip of fast workpiece outfit exchanges a technology automatically, the dynamic balancing technology after main shaft and tool carrier assembly. They are efficient to the high speed of processing technique of assess high speed, high accuracy, tall automation, tall security have major effect and effect. Current, machine tool of high speed cutting uses pillar of dragon door type symmetrical structure more, this structure can raise the carrying capacity of the machine tool and tigidity, the impact resistance that enhances a machine tool and fight brace up quality, reduce the inherent and oscillatory frequency of the machine tool, because heat up the geometrical error that is out of shape place is caused,reduce a machine tool. In addition, machine tool of high speed cutting also has structure of box structure, tall lathe bed and dustproof and sealed structure to wait. 3. The cutting tool system of the machine tool of treatment of high speed of   of  of cutting tool system that high speed machines should stand higher temperature and attrition force, cutting tool uses titanium radical normally hard alloy, get together brilliant diamond, get together nitrogen of brilliant cubic metre turns the material such as boron and pottery and porcelain. Angle of cutting tool geometry and cutting tool structure should pass reasonable design. The knife handle part of high speed cutting must satisfy tigidity good, deliver pitching moment big, bulk good, high speed issues small, dynamic balancing cutting vibration can bear to add decelerate high to spend after cutting tool of clip of small, outfit wait for a requirement centrally with stress. The crucial technology that place of cutting tool of high speed treatment involves has high speed treatment to use cutting tool material and treatment of production technology and high speed to use the research of cutting tool structure and parameter of cutting tool geometry. In all sorts of elements that in the influence metallic cutting develops, cutting tool material and cutting tool make a technology having conclusive effect, what drove high speed treatment is practical change. 4. The high speed of   of  of numerical control system that high speed machines machines numerical control system and system of conventional numerical control to do not have substaintial distinction. But to obtain high rate and high accuracy at the same time, CNC system needs beard basis is chosen by the appearance of treatment spare parts, contrail first-rate feed speed, inside permission error range with as far as possible high feed rate produces positional statement, special in corner place and smaller part diameter are in, CNC should differentiate can affect precision inside how old treatment speed span, and make before cutting tool reachs such point the tangent speed of cutting tool is reduced automatically. To mould treatment, average block is very small, but the process is very long, because this still must use special control method, will realize the treatment of high accuracy and high rate. Divide this beyond, more advanced CNC system still should include the function of the following respects: (1) breakdown diagnoses artificial intelligence function; (2) function of technical data library;      (3) stronger graphical function;      (4) measure a function automatically;      (5) stronger interpolation function. 5. The cutting of high speed of   of machining complex  that high speed machines is different when workpiece material, dosage of uses cutting tool, technique, cutting all has very big different. In addition when high speed machines process designing, the feed that considers high speed treatment even, retreat a knife, move knife, corner, repeat treatment, efficient cutting is machined and insert the craft such as type treatment. 6. Technology of test of treatment of high speed of   of  of technology of test of high speed treatment basically shows through passing in process of high speed treatment feeling, analysis, signal is handled, undertake on-line is monitored and be controllinged in real time to the condition of high speed machine tool and its system. The success application that checks a technology can prolong cutting tool life greatly, assure product quality, improve efficiency, make sure equipment and personnel are safe. High speed monitors the crucial technology that technical place involves to basically have the online monitoring technology that is based on monitoring parameter, pass feeling information confluence to detect more technology, of component of machine tool function detect technology, the test technology of condition of the workpiece in high speed treatment and wait from adaptive control and intelligent control technology. CNC Milling CNC Machining