The stage amounts to conformity of water supply of automation product constant voltage to apply

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Summary: The article basically tells about applied stage to amount to automation product not to have water supply of negative pressure intelligence is medium integrated applying in water supply industry, introduced constant voltage water supply to control systematic configuration and process, and the stage amounts to technology of PLC, HMI application. Key word: Water supply of 1 foreword constant voltage basically uses macroinstruction of interface of PLC PID man-machine at water supply of workshop of boiler, Lou Yu, industry to wait for industry of numerous water supply, about project of constant voltage water supply program of control system technology compares maturity, implementation method is more also, have controller of water supply of appropriative personal computer, transducer embedded a variety of frameworks such as interface of control of PID feedback constant voltage, man-machine and PLC conformity application, its principle and core control train of thought are to use PID feedback to control a model, implementation does not have water supply of negative pressure constant voltage. Article introduction is based on a stage to amount to the water supply of constant voltage of constant voltage frequency conversion that feels screen PLC to devise plan, basically reflect a stage to amount to a system program of compositive application technology provides perfect automation system. 2 systems are designed 2.

Principle of water supply of 1 constant voltage gives pressure according to system of set of facility work requirement (Mpa) , rectify the SV that controls a model surely to be worth oneself as PID, pressure appearance sensor will be accused object conduit pressure (Mpa) real time collects the PV that makes calm model oneself as PID to be worth, size of both numerical value compares have a youthful look to be worth Et into deviation, according to Kd of Ki of the Kp of coefficient of proportionality that has adjusted, integral coefficient, coefficient of differential, control of result of operation of instruction of PID of PLC control program exports MV worth, changeover is measured for imitate (0 ~ 10V) give signal as transducer frequency, control transducer procrastinates move water pump electric machinery to output different rotate speed, achieve adjust the control effect of pressure of water supply conduit. 2.

2 PID console that amount to PLC amount to PLC to basically use PID to dictate algorithm forms feedback to dominate return circuit, achieve constant voltage water supply to control a demand, if principle design pursues (one) be shown. (1) pressure of the conduit in PLC control program reads take a part to be as follows: (2) handle as follows about collecting conduit pressure in PLC control program: Filter gets rid of 06XA module collects a number to measure 0 ~ the 4000 numerical value besides, change according to pressure sensor and pressure send caliber Cheng corresponding relation computation gives pipeline real pressure (MPa) value. (3) instruction of the PID in PLC control program applies a method to be as follows: (4) output of PID instruction operation gives signal as transducer frequency, at the same time changeover uses at man-machine interface to show for frequency numerical value: 2.

3 configuration design controls configuration of systematic technology program to express place to show as follows. Component form lists adduce to control a system to basically control original, other and auxiliary parts of an apparatus did not give out. System of automation of watch water supply configures Normal TEXT-ALIGN of Center" Align=center> serial number: Normal Align=center> component: Normal Align=center> model: Center" Align=center> amount (stage) Normal TEXT-ALIGN of Center" Align=center> remarks: Center" Align=center>1normal TEXT-ALIGN of module of Center" Align=center> power source: Center" Align=center>DVPPS02normal Align=center>1normal Align=center>24V, 2Anormal Align=center>2normal TEXT-ALIGN of Center" Align=center>PLC lead plane: Center" Align=center>DVP14SS11R2normal Align=center>1normal Align=center>normal Align=center>3normal Align=center>PLC patulous Normal Align=center>DVP06XA - Snormal Align=center>1normal Align=center>A/D, D/Anormal Align=center>4normal TEXT-ALIGN of Center" Align=center> transducer: Center" Align=center>VFD110F43Bnormal Align=center>1normal Align=center>11KWnormal Align=center>5normal TEXT-ALIGN of interface of Center" Align=center> man-machine: Center" Align=center>DOP - AS57BSTDnormal Align=center>1normal Align=center>5.

7 " the 3 animation that are based on a stage to amount to HMI macroinstruction design man-machine interface design to offer monitoring of intuitionistic and vivid water supply government. Man-machine interface basically has 3 pictures, implementation parameter is installed and show in real time, water pump runs animation to show, working way chooses to wait for a function. Advocate if the picture pursues (2) be shown. If indication picture of trends of water pump moving animation pursues (3) be shown. Graph (2) water supply advocate the picture pursues (3) the animation picture water pump that is based on a stage to amount to HMI macroinstruction runs the animation that animation trends shows to water pump moves to show is finished through man-machine interface macroinstruction, although the effect controls configuration software without labour vivid, but the moving condition that still is an industrial spot is true expression comes out, satisfied the client's need. Macroinstruction cent is 3 parts: CLOCK; Child grand 1; Child grand 2. CLOCK Macro differs according to two water pump moving condition calls SubMacro 1 and SubMacro 2 respectively. SubMacro 1 is used at showing the animation of dynamic moving current of 1 shows water pump. SubMacro 2 is used at showing the animation of dynamic moving current of 2 shows water pump. The stage amounts to 4 last words function of water supply of the constant voltage of application of conformity of mechanical and electrical products that finish satisfies project requirement in the round, the user is very affirmative the stage amounts to a product, through this case the introduction offers mature and reliable technology program, use compositive design of HMI and PLC, offer the automation with comprehensive function to control a technology. CNC Milling CNC Machining