High Quality Rivets for CNC Machining(rivet types Eric)

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Rivets are a crucial component in many CNC machined parts and products. While rivets may seem simple, using the highest quality rivets can make a significant difference in the strength, durability, and professional appearance of the finished product. This article will explore what makes certain rivets higher quality than others and why using top-notch rivets is worth the investment for CNC machining shops.
What Makes a High Quality Rivet?
There are a few key factors that differentiate higher end rivets from lower quality options:
Materials: Aircraft grade aluminum is the gold standard material for high strength rivets. Steel and stainless steel are also used for strength. High quality rivets will be made from strong, durable metals that resist weathering.
Precision manufacturing: Quality control in the manufacturing process results in rivets that have consistent sizing, smooth finishes, and reliable structural integrity. High end rivets are precisely machined for uniformity.
Strength: Superior rivets meet certain standards for shear strength and tensile strength. They are able to withstand substantial pressure and force without failing. Structural rivets in particular need high strength.
Corrosion resistance: Top quality rivets feature coatings or alloying elements to resist rust, oxidation, and other corrosion issues. This enhances their longevity and resilience.
Testing and certification: Reputable rivet manufacturers have their products thoroughly tested to certify they meet claims about strength, durability, and other attributes. Certifications like ISO 9001 are signs of quality.
Why Use High Quality Rivets in CNC Machining?
Using top notch rivets in CNC machined products brings valuable benefits:
1. Stronger Assembly
Quality rivets form very secure joints. The strength and precision of superior rivets results in assemblies and finished products that hold up well to force and pressure. Products withstand vibration, shock, and heavy loads without the risk of failure at rivet points.
2. Longer Lasting Products
A CNC machined product is only as durable as its rivets in many cases. Using rivets that resist corrosion, fatigue, and other breakdown makes for reliable products with long lifespans. High end materials and protective finishes allow quality rivets to last for years.
3. Professional Appearance
Precision manufactured rivets with smooth, consistent finishes give CNC machined products a polished, professional look. Using mismatched or poor quality rivets looks sloppy and reflects poorly on workmanship. Quality rivets present well.
4. Easier Automated Installation
The consistency of top tier rivets' sizing and finish makes them easier to work with in automated CNC machining. Lower variability allows for more efficient automated feeding, orientation, and installation of rivets during the manufacturing process.
5. Meets Industry Standards
In fields like aerospace, transportation, construction, and manufacturing, meeting rivet quality standards is often mandatory. Using certified, tested rivets that satisfy requirements protects CNC shops from defects that lead to liability issues.
6. Consumer Confidence
End consumers can tell the difference between products assembled with high quality rivets versus lower grade options. Quality rivets impart a sense of safety and trust in the item's durability. This leads to better reviews, fewer returns, and enhanced consumer confidence.
Top Quality Rivet Brands
Many leading rivet manufacturers produce products optimal for CNC machined components. Here are some of the top brands known for high end structural, aerospace, commercial, and specialty rivets:
- Cherry Aerospace
- LISI Aerospace
- Ateliers De La Haute Garonne
- Alcoa Fastening Systems
- Stanley Engineered Fastening
- Allfasteners USA
- Falcon Fastening Solutions
- Acument Global Technologies
- Arconic Fastening Systems
These companies invest heavily in advanced manufacturing technologies, testing processes, and quality control. This results in rivets with proven longevity, strength, and reliability. Their products meet stringent aerospace and industrial standards while providing consistency and corrosion resistance.
While high quality rivets do cost more than lower tier options, the value added in terms of durability, performance, appearance, and safety make them well worth the extra investment for CNC machined products. Taking the time to source professional grade rivets from reputable manufacturers will pay off with better functioning, longer lasting finished goods. For CNC machining applications demanding strength, precision, and resilience, top notch rivets are a must. CNC Milling CNC Machining