High Quality Rivets for CNC Machining Applications(sprungs Armstrong)

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Rivets are a crucial component in many CNC machining applications. Selecting the right rivets can make a big difference in the quality and durability of your final product. This article will provide an overview of rivets, discuss the importance of using high quality rivets in CNC machining, and provide recommendations on selecting the best rivets for your specific application.
What are Rivets?
A rivet is a mechanical fastener that consists of two main parts - a smooth cylindrical shaft and a head. The shaft is inserted into a hole through the materials being joined. The excess material at the tail end is then deformed with a hammer or rivet gun, forming a second head that locks the rivet in place by clamping the materials together.
Rivets come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials. Some common types include:
- Solid/Round Head - A basic rivet with a pre-formed round head on one end.
- Countersunk Head - Allows the rivet head to sit flush with the surface. Requires a countersunk hole.
- Structural - High strength rivets designed for critical structural joints.
- Blind - Can be installed from one side where there is no access to the back.
- Pop - Designed to be installed quickly via an air-powered rivet gun.
- Screw - Can be installed and removed like a screw. Useful for temporary fastening.
The shaft and head can be made of steel, aluminum, copper, or other metals. Alloy and heat treatment options allow rivets to be customized for strength, corrosion resistance, appearance and cost.
Importance of Quality Rivets in CNC Machining
In CNC machining applications, rivets play an integral role in joining manufactured parts together to form the final products. Using high quality rivets is critical for several reasons:
Strength and Durability
The rivets must be strong enough to withstand all the forces, vibrations, and stresses acting upon the product during regular operation. Low quality rivets may deteriorate or fail over time, causing the product to fall apart.
Precise Dimensions
Precision is paramount in CNC machining. High quality rivets adhere to tight diameter, length, head height, and other dimensional tolerances. This ensures they fit correctly into pre-drilled holes and perform their fastening job appropriately.
Reliable Performance
Consistent performance batch after batch is vital for CNC machining applications where the same part designs are mass produced. Trusted brands of rivets provide reliable consistency you can count on.
Corrosion Resistance
Exposure to weather, chemicals, cleaning solutions and other corrosive factors may lead to premature rivet failure. Utilizing rivets made from or treated with rust/corrosion resistant alloys will extend service life.
For products where aesthetics matter, low quality rivets may have surface imperfections, inconsistent finishes, or sloppy head shapes that detract from appearance. High quality rivets enhance the visual appeal of your CNC machined products.
Ease of Installation
Quality rivets are precisely manufactured for easy installation. Proper dimensions, chamfered holes, and uniform shaft ridges allow the rivet to be inserted and fastened smoothly without complications.
Selecting the Best Rivets for CNC Applications
To choose the optimal rivets for your CNC machining application, consider factors like:
- Materials - What materials are being joined? Match rivet material accordingly.
- Strength - How much load will the joint need to withstand? Select a rivet strength rating to match.
- Corrosion Resistance - Will the rivets be exposed to weather, chemicals or salt water? Use coated or stainless steel rivets.
- Temperature Resistance - Will high heat be present? Utilize heat resistant alloy rivets.
- Appearance - Level of aesthetic finish required? Use rivets with uniform, high quality heads.
- Hole Size - What is the pre-drilled hole size? Match rivet shaft diameter accordingly.
- Installation Method - Will rivets be installed by hand or with automated power tools? Choose rivet type suitable for the method.
- Cost - What is the budget? Balance rivet performance against cost.
Leading manufacturers like Alcoa Fastening Systems, Arconic, and BBA Aviation Supply Solutions offer extensive rivet selection guides and technical support to assist you in navigating these choices. It is recommended to consult with your rivet supplier early in the design process to ensure you choose the optimal rivet solution from the start.
Investing in high performance, precision engineered rivets from reputable manufacturers will pay dividends in the quality, durability, appearance and reliability of your CNC machined products. By following the guidance above, you can select the ideal rivets to meet the demands of your specific application. CNC Milling CNC Machining